Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DIRE wants waste water re-used not injected

The Maui News article on DIRE's intervention in the $million dollar plan to drill two new injection wells at Kahului could have gone into more depth.

For instance, the waters off Kanaha beach have 20 times more bacteria than normal and there has been a big jump in staph infections in swimmers, paddlers, surfers, divers and wind surfers.

When Save Kahului Harbor asked for a ball park price on piping the reclaimed water to the nearby cane fields, those figures were not available.

The two new wells are required to supply extra capacity that is required by the State.  However, reusing some of the water would achieve the same result, while saving drinking water and helping clean up shoreline water quality.

Save Kahului Harbor indicated their intention in intervening was to force the County to look at reuse rather than spending the money to drill new wells. 

Also not mentioned in the article was the EPA's signals that they could at any time demand Maui quickly phase out  injection wells...especially now that there is evidence that they are impacting ocean water quality.

Mayor Tavares is caught in a hard place.  There are revolving funds available right now from Obama's stimulus  package that could pay for either cleaning up the water to a higher standard or paying for the infrastructure to reuse the water but Gov. Lingle is refusing to allow her to apply for these funds.

The Maui News article also does not mention that part of the leachate from the dump is going through the Kahului waste water plant, adding who knows what kind of toxic and infectious waste to the stream entering the ocean.

Mary Cochran Slams "Tree Huggers"

Paia County Council Candidate, Mary Cochran (not to be confused with candidate Elle Cochran - no relation and no similarity!) slammed Hawaiians, environmentalists and GPAC planners with this statement:

 "But there comes a time when we all have to agree that there's a need, and maybe one or two trees gotta go.  You can't just keep hugging trees. The industry is so stagnant without water here on Maui."
She's probably courting the union vote which she needs to do since the HSTA is really po'd that she allowed teacher furloughs to go forward as a member of the Board of Education.

For an amusing satirical website see which, as one commenter said, "would be hilarious if is weren't so true!".

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Nov 29

Another article focusing on Ulupalakua Ranch an their donation to the Maui Coastal Land Trust.  Oprah Winfrey bought a neighboring 1000 acres and there is some concern about the potential for developing that.

Art Medeiros who has led the effort to restore 30 acres of native forest said:
"I've worked with the Erdman family for 25 years, and I know one thing about them: They know how to keep a business healthy and do the right thing for the community. They are interested in cows but also in keeping the lifestyle of cowboys or paniolo alive on Maui. And they've done the same thing with me for Auwahi."
 This Chris Hamilton article is well worth reading.

Carl and Rae Lindquist of Hana are missing after their car was found damaged in a streambed. On their way to their Ulaino Road residence after Thanksgiving dinner at Hotel Hana Maui, "it is believed that their vehicle was swept into the streambed by the water, which was caused by heavy rains," a police news release said.  Lindquist is a former realtor and member of Lingle's Maui Advisory Board.  Police and Fire are searching the area and the coast.

Hana residents report that the rain was so torrential with water pouring across Hana Hwy that you couldn't even see the centerline of the road or where the road edges were, making it tricky to stay on the highway.

Coach Joe Duran says his Baldwin high school girls softball team is getting the short end of the stick and being moved to a field inferior to that which the boys get.  And he says, he'll appeal to the County Council, the League and the ACLU.  Park and athletic directors respond that there is a real shortage of playing fields.  We saw this same problem last year when MIL changed their season time and it then overlapped with Little League.  It is hoped that the State will fund an athletic field at Baldwin High School which would solve this conflict.

A photo of Brittany Cramer decorating a Christmas tree.

Francisco "Baba" Gomes is the subject of photos and a story about his coconut hat weaving and  yoga and qigong classes.

Amanda Cowan took a photo of Woody Goble of Goble’s Flower Farmat the swap meet.  Seems like there wouldn't be much content in the Maui News if it weren't for Amanda's and Matt Thayer's photos.

Today's editorial lauds the Erdmans for donating 12,000 acres of land to the Maui Land Trust.  We also thank them.

Letters to the Editor

Marie DeJournette answers the question "Who is it that has the wide selection of chocolates" with Mana Foods in Paia.  Readers of Maui News Talk Back already knew this.

Jack Berberich says that Hawaii schools are ranked lowest in the nation and that they need more hours.  Then he says she saw 8-10 county workers just standing around instead of clearing brush.

Dennis Lokmer points out that countries who provide health care to their citizens have higher taxes and wonders whether U.S. politicians can raise taxes.

Barbara Lund doesn't like it that one family is obstructing the Honzawa store rezoning in Haiku an states that the store should have been upzoned back in the 90s when other commercial ventures in the area were upzoned.

Bill Love thinks that the restrictions on beach wedding businesses and Lahaina's Halloween caused the reduction of tourism money and satirically says since the EA Sports brought in tourists, it will probably be banned next.

Newsflash, Bill, the entire world is in an economic meltdown.  I doubt the weddings ban and Halloween had much to do with the decline of tourism.  It is always in hard times that people work to take more than their share of the commons and then when times are good, we have to deal with being shut out of our own beaches as the wedding business booms.

David Chandler wants TV to show West Coast football teams not east coast.

Mitzi Toro appreciates  Kalama Intermediate school principal John Costales Jr.

Maggie Dickison points out that spitting is disgusting and germy for the barefoot kids who walk through it.  That's why local kids wear slippers, Maggie.

David DeLeon (realtor and known as "Mr Pave It Over") wants to amend the workforce housing bill.

Al and the Rev. Pua Hashimoto thank the churches involved in their Jail ministry.

Robert Faux points out that the Hawai'i State Constitution requires that the government educate children and that parents and teachers should work together.

Former L.A. police department employee and Lingle apologist,Terri Churchill thinks Sarah Palin is more qualified to be president than Barack Obama. 

Tom Paine says the Dept of Education could save 10% by laying off the administration "fat cats" and then vote the incumbents out.

Les Potts thanks Paul Kasprzycki for his efforts to take back Olowalu State Beach Preserve from the owners of the luxury property at the south end of Olowalu who think the beach is their private estate.  He says:
The truth is the property line is about two feet from the porch and their expansive lawn and palms (a good place for a couple of picnic tables) are on state land and will now be open to the public.
Former Washington State resident, James P. Shenfield offers the GOP talking points against reform.  They're really pushing selling across state lines.  That will allow companies to incorporate in the most lax state and offer insurance with the most gotchas (pre-existing conditions, high out-of-pocket, lots of stuff not covered) in a race to the bottom.

Gregg Bryant urgest the U.S. to adopt a single payer health system (like we have in Medicare, the Veterans System and federal employees get).

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Nov 28

Lots of people shopping yesterday.

A word for word repeat of yesterday's article on Whole Foods hiring for its new Kahului store.  How much advertising money have they given the Maui News?

Lifeguards warn that stormy weather makes the ocean dangerous.  On Friday morning two kayakers had to be rescued off Thousand Peaks.  DT Fleming Beach Park had 5-6 foot surf.  Amanda Cowan took a photo of John Welk and Niko Baclig playing at the beach.

The Attorney General recommends checking out a charity before donating as there are scammers abouding this holiday season. Review charity information services such as the American Institute of Philanthropy (, Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance ( and Charity Navigator (

Nice Amanda Cowan photo of Julie Poaipuni at Ulapalakua Store.

Ho'olehua, Molokai residents need to cut back on water use by 50% due to the outage of two pumps at Kalae.  Hopefully the pumps will be repaired next week some time.

DLNR will be dropping more concrete artificial reef fish houses off Keawekapu Beach next Monday.  The 52 acre Keawakapu artificial reef was created in 1962 from 150 cars, 2,250 tires, 35 concrete slabs and one boat.  Now if we can just keep the ornamental fish sellers from taking 5-10 million reef fish per year...

The Upper Kula water system disinfectant will change from chlorine to chloramines next week.  Chlorine was being used since last August for periodic maintenance.

A hearing on plans to charge fees at Kaumalapau Harbor on Lanai will be held 6 p.m. Friday in the Lanai High and Elementary School Cafeteria. More info at

The Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce will hold its general membership meeting and holiday celebration Dec. 8 at the Maui Economic Opportunity auditorium. Start time is 5:30 p.m.,  Hawaiian dinner at 6 p.m. and guest speaker Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann at 7 p.m. with entertainment after.

Cost is $20 per person. Donations of canned food and toys for needy families is recommended.
RSVP to Melissa Beimes by Friday at (808) 594-1899 or send e-mail to

Editorial: Fred Couples will attend the Champions Skins Game Jan. 16 and 17 at the Royal Kaanapali Golf Course.  Somehow this merited yet another mention of EA Sports.

Today's viewpoint features Kelvin Bloom, chairman of the Hawaii Tourism Authority talking about the potential of Chinese tourism and his trip with Gov Lingle to China.

Jim Loomis says the Nov. 22 Maui News contained an ad paid for by an ultra-right, anti-government institute that attacked  Maui Memorial Medical Center with distortions and outright fabrications.  Jim - this is part of an ongoing attempt by GOP and righwing interests to privatize the hospital.  Private hospital interests have been busy sponsoring candidates and undermining Maui Memorial's reputation for several years now.

Jody Brown says that sacrificing teacher training days to end furloughs will be detrimental to education.  Most teachers I know think these training days are not particularly useful.  They make good money for the consultants who run them, though.

 Mike Cummings blames everyone for the poor educational system and says step one is to reduce the top-heavy administration.  Then add 1% to the excise tax for education.  He says, 
"...develop a core change in student-parent values and a new shared responsibility. Our teachers are educators, not babysitters. Provide immersion schools in Hawaiian studies to students unable to fit into existing educational parameters. For disruptive attendees unwilling to participate at all, perhaps it's time they spend days pulling weeds, digging ditches and moving rocks in the hot sun."
Then, he says, sell off the useless $40 million Superferry barges and use that money to end furloughs.

I'm not sure, Mike, why you think the Hawaiian immersion is for "students unable to fit into existing educational parameters".  Our immersion students are our finest, most hardworking treasures.  They could fit in anywhere but choose to challenge themselves in the Immersion program.

But you have pointed out a problem.  Teachers are unable to rid their classes of disruptive students.  Part of this is the "No Child Left Behind" law and part of it is todays litigious society.  We desperately need to create an alternative school for disruptive students and remove them from our public schools.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Shopping Friday

Whole Foods in Kahului is hiring (See  Be aware that the CEO has been working to derail healthcare reform and the operation is known to be a union-busting corporation.  For those local producers looking to sell there, be warned about the Whole Foods practice of putting their lower-cost Chinese-grown produce next to yours.  You'll get the account but you'll make few sales.

Support our local stores and local growers.  Shop at places like Foodland, Pukalani Superette, Ah Fooks, etc.

Roadwork on: Lahainaluna Road, Honoapiilani Highway, and Hana Highway.

Tiger Woods was injured in a single car accident.  Conflicting reports say he was "seiously injured" and that he was "treated and released".  Alcohol was not involved.

Businesses and churches hosted Thanksgiving meals for the needy.  Four Seasons gave TG dinners to the Wailea and Kihei fire fighters.

Mike Molina introduced a bill which prohibits aquarium fish harvesters from harming or killing the fish, whether they intend to or not.  This cut down on the estimated 5-10 million aquarium fish harvested in Hawai'i waters every year - a harvest that experts say plays a roll in the decline of our eating fish and reefs.  Only one million fish are reported to be taken per year but this number doesn't include the illegal operations. The bill give animal control officers a tool to at least insure that the fish aren't harvested and left to die in unaerated buckets by defining them as "pets".

The bill would  prohibit  withholding food for more than 12 hours; deflating the swim bladder; trimming the spine or fins; exposure to air or to temperature changes of more than 2 degrees, define causing the death of fish as being an inhumane treatment of aquatic life, require documentation of mortality rates and disposal methods of dead fish, and make violations a misdemeanor with a fine between $500 and $2,000 and up to a year in jail.

The bill was created by Robert Wintner (Snorkel Bob) who has been trying unsuccessfully to get the Administration and the Legislature to regulate ornamental fish harvesting.  See  Wintner said he would help finance 24 hour monitoring of reef collectors so that this would not cost the county any additional funds.

Ron Dahlquist took a photo of Archie Kalepa riding Jaws.

 Judge August jailed Richard Goettsch for breaking the conditions of his lease after being convicted of breaking into a Kula store to steal booze.  Goettsch was found drunk and passed out in the store.  Apparently another casualty of the recession, Goettsch lost his work as a real estate appraiser and turned to alcohol. He'll be on probation for 5 years.  Funny that Judge August is so tough on drunks who do property damage and just gives a slap on the wrist to violent criminals.

Editorial lauds the Read Aloud Program.  Sad when we have to have a program to encourage parents to read to their children.

Ben Little, General Manager of Hale Hui Kai Condominium, is all bent out of shape that they got called on their illegal naupaka hedge and irrigation system which they were using to encroach on the State beach and block off the public from the right of way that exists along all Maui shores.

Jill Engledow says goodbye to Maui News' Roy Tanaka.

Kelley Andrade mourns the layoffs of the women in her office but never states what office she's talking about.  Possibly this was edited out?

Uma Silbey is "furious" that Hanzawa's store wants to expand.  She appears to be a former California resident who has an internet jewelry business.

Richard Pechner supports Hanzawa's store expansion because he doesn't want to see the store close.

Jack Fisher supports Hanawa's expansion fearing that without it, it will go the way of Kawaharada Store, Kitada's, Horiuchi Market, Suda Store and the other mom and pop stores of Maui.

 BS McEwen says that Hawai'i is in the same situation vis a vis the U.S. as Tibet is with China.

Helena Valery says Obama is doing a good job and the Europeans love him.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Sean P. Roset died last night after losing control of his motorcycle on Kamehameha Avenue between Lono Avenue and Kane Street. Speed, alcohol and no helmet were factors.

Gonzaga wons the EA Sports tournament.

More on the Ulupalakua Ranch owner Pardee Erdma's donation of 2/3rds of the ranch to Maui Coastal Land Trust.   Erdman family has owned the 165 year old working ranch since 1963. It has 5,000 head of cattle, a winery, a country store and grill as well as horseback riding and clay shooting.  The donation will insure that future generations will not be able to sell off the ranch piece by piece to developers.

Glenn James, senior weather analyst at the Pacific Disaster Center, said more high surf is coming this weekend and into next week at 3 day intervals. Trades will continue. See Glenn's weather unusually accurate weather predictions at

Jesse Alexander of Haiku is featured in an Amanda Cowan photo.

Two men lost at sea while transporting a 21 foot sailboat from O'ahu to Hilo were found  50 miles of Lanai'i by a Coast Guard plane after a 5+ hour night search by DLNR, Coast Guard, Navy, Police, Fire, and Civil Air Patrol.  A rescue swimmer was dropped and determined that the men needed to be airlifted via helicopter rescue basket as the boat was unstable.

Kathy and James Martinez are the subject of a Kealia boardwalk photo by Amanda Cowan.

Finally an arrest has been made in last August's beating outside Cassanovas.  Garin Freitas, 21, of Haiku, and Sheldon Kaeo-Pimentel, 18, of Makawao are alleged to be part of the gang of 7 who beat and kicked a man after knocking him to the ground.  The gang is alleged to have been wearing mouthpieces and appeared to have a premeditated intention to engage in a fight.  The victim suffered a broken left eye socket bone and broken nose.

At the time of the incident Freitas was walking around free awaiting trial on a theft.

Oh no!  Judge August got their case.  First bad move:  He gives them a low bail of only $10,000.  for Freitas and a mere $1,000 for Pimentel.   $1,000 is a nonsensical bail for Assault 2 - a felony.

These people who are kicking their victims after knocking them to the ground are sociopaths who simply need to be removed from society to protect the rest of us.  The kind of person who can kick another human being who is down on the ground, is missing some essential part of human-ness that can never be restored.

In another felony assault 2 case, Judge August allowed 19-year-old Chyene Kala to serve only 4 months for assaulting a 15-year-old Olivia Butchart-Kalama during a party at old Maui High School last year. Kala got five years' probation, was ordered not to consume alcohol or illegal drugs and to undergo treatment and anger management classes.. The victim didn't know Kala, and suffered a broken nose.

Judge August - how do you think Kala's victim feels, that you take this so lightly?

A local male, approximately 5 feet, 8-inches tall, smelly and possibly homeless,  grabbed a woman,  threatened her with a knife in an attempted rape at 7:30pm last night at War Memorial complex baseball fields in Wailuku.  In fighting him off, the woman believes she may have broken his finger.

The attacker was slightly unshaven and wore a long-sleeved black shirt and jeans.  He had a 2-inch tattoo of a cross on his left hand.  If you have information in this case call  Detective Clyde Holokai at 270-6518 or Maui Police Department dispatch at 244-6400.

Kahului Airport's Aalele Street overflow lot will be open for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Lana'i is out of luck on trash pickup last week and probably next week due to a broken truck.

The state Board of Education will hold a community meeting from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Monday at Kaunakakai Elementary School on Molokai.  More info at

Today's editorial is a repeat of the 2004 Thanksgiving history editorial.

Gail Nagasako points out that Glen Beck's rants have no basis in fact.  Good points, Gail, but I think most people know this and those who believe him are impervious to reality and logic so you're probably not going to convince them.  But studies have shown that the more a lie is repeated the more people tend to believe it. so it is good to repeat the truth every time a lie is spoken.

Gary Aplanalp wants us all to write our elected officials to demand better education for our children.  His major premise is that we need to audit DOE.  We heard this from Republican, Ramon Madden, so it is shaping up to be the GOP talking point.

For some unknown reason the Maui News decided to print a fetus-lover letter from Michigan.  What? No home-grown letter-writers want the government to legislate their religious views and control women's bodies?

Martin Micheelsen doesn't like Roz Baker saying the Legislature probably won't appropriate the extra money required for local school boards.  Martin - try the Governor.  For years she's said she supports local control but she hasn't acted to make it become a reality.  Ask her to allow local volunteer school boards and then require her State Administration abide by their decisions.  Presto!  Local control of schools.

And now an editorial that should have been in the Maui News but was in the  Star Bulletin.

Proposed oil tax a barrel of trouble for Hawaii

By Henry Curtis (Executive Director of Life of the Land)
I used to believe that Hawaii should pass an oil tax. This tax would be imposed on the use of fossil fuel and the money raised would be used to establish a renewable energy fund.

Unfortunately, the proposed state oil tax is anti-business, anti-labor and anti-common sense, and might significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions.

He goes on to explain that Hawai'i manufactured goods would be taxed twice - once on the raw materials containing petroleum products and a second time when the finished product was sold.  But mainland-produced goods would only be taxed once - when they were sold.
Thus the current oil-based tax would make locally produced goods more expensive than imported goods, discouraging local production and employment while most likely contributing to more oil use in transportation.

Life of the Land is one of those organizations which takes a careful look at energy policy and advocates for policies that are most cost-effective for citizens and least damaging to the environment, so it is a surprise to see them oppose an oil tax.  This indicates there must be a big "Gotcha" in it for us regular people.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday Nov 25

Ulupalakua Ranch is donating 12,000 acres for open-space easement to Maui Coastal Land Trust, reserving the right to develop renewable energy projects, and agriculturally appropriate commercial and noncommercial ventures. Sempra Energy already leases there for a wind energy farm

The two donated parcels include 6,000 acres in livestock grazing, farming and farming mauka of Kula Highway up to Polipoli Spring State Park. The second 5,328-acre parcel is the entire 'Auwahi ahupua'a,  from the ocean to the 6,000-foot elevation of Haleakala.  Part of this is where Art Medeiros has created the 'Auwahi Habitat Restoration Project  of the Leeward Haleakala Watershed Restoration Partnership.

Granting development rights to Coastal Land Trust organizations is a win-win for the land-owner and the public.  The land owner gets some property tax relief and the property is permently protected as a wildlife and viewplane area.  Ulapalakua Ranch has a reputation for generosity to the community and dedication to conservation and reforestation.

More EA Sports boosterism with a Matthew Thayer action shot.

Maui tourism dropped another 4% in October 40% fewer cruise ship passengers.  Not mentioni is that few businesses mourn the cruise ship drop-off since the passenger's needs are met by the ship and they are notoriously poor spenders.  Along with that go the increase in crime and drinking by the crew, with several Kahului establishments completely banning crew members due to disturbances.

Sadly, the economic decline is being used to convince people if they will just ignore zoning, the environment, infrastructure, etc and grant permits to any developer, this will bring back jobs.  We saw, with the big rush to get the Makena rezoning pushed through, that is an illusion.  Dowling did nothing with his project and then it went bankrupt - without creating a single construction job.

Meanwhile we have a contractor from Canada hiring illegals instead of our own people and Walgreens building with scab labor so they can pay their mainland-imported workers less than living wages.

At some point we have to go for quality over quantity. The County Council needs to be better at negotiating benefits for the community when they give zoning changes and other special favors.

Cirque Polynesia moved to a new theater at the Hyatt, leaving the main ballroom free for other events like....wait for it....EA Sports!  Managing Partner Doug Harris says he hopes to work out something for Lahaina Halloween to help "bring the right kind of people".

 Since yet another driver on Baldwin Ave lost control and broke through Paia's Doris Todd School fence, they've decided to build a 5' rock wall.  The county will install a flashing light and speed feedback sign.  Doris Todd has asked for more enforcements - so better slow down all you Baldwin Ave speeders.

Patrick Gonsalves who got probation and "treatment" for the last time he was convicted of sex assault  has been convicted and sentenced to 20 years. Judge Bisson said, "You should be an old man when you get out of prison so this doesn't happen again."  We need more judges like Bisson who wasn't conned by Gonsalves self-serving actions in starting "counseling immediately after the sexual assaults were reported."

Judge Bisson commented on Gonsalves previous "treatment" and discharge:
"You obviously fooled them," the judge told Gonsalves. "You were able to fool the clinicians into thinking that you had cured your predatory behavior. We know that all sex offenders who prey on young children are people who are able to gain their confidence, make them keep the secret either through threats or promises or gifts.
"I think what happened after your first offense is you improved your methods."
 Most experts agree that there is no "treatment" that will cure a pedaphile, just as there is no treatment that will cure sociopathy.  Who, I wonder, was the judge who sentenced Gonsalves to a mere 30 days for the last girl he molested?  Whoever it was has the destruction of a young girls' life on his head.

Keoki Cuelho, Noah Mariano, and Dylan Skalko of Lahaina were arrested for a  Napili home-invasion burglary and assault in Napili on the evening of Nov. 13.  Skalko is alleged to have known that the victim had marijuana.  Cuelho  is alleged to have stabbed the resident several times with a broken table leg durning the attack.  The three are charged with burglary and assault and remain in jail.

A Lahaina gallery owner and a cab driver got into an altercation over the taxi parking in a loading zone.  The gallery owner got a head laceration and said he was  punched in the back and hit over the head with an object, possibly a cellular telephone, radio or walkie-talkie.  Police have the license number but are "continuing an investigation to identify the driver in the second-degree assault investigation".  Doesn't seem like that should take more than a couple hours - but this is Maui, after all.

St. John's Episcopal Church in Kula is offering a free turkey meal 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Friday

Joe Bradley's editorial suggests we give Red Cross disaster preparedness kits as Christmas presents.  I can just see your 6-year old's eyes light up when she gets this gift!  They printed a disclaimer that Mr. Bradley is on the board of the Red Cross.  Why do they not print the disclaimer that he is the chair of the Maui Chamber of Commerce when (as he does so often) he prints one of the Chamber's talking points as an editorial.

Today's letters to the editor are misfiled under the editorial

Joan Pawsat, formerly of Maui and now from Waimanalo, Oahu's letter is reproduced here by permission:
Limits on visitor industry could help economy

Putting limits on the visitor industry is a way to prevent a boom and bust cycle. There should not be an assumption that visitors will be in constant supply. Right now there are record lows and many employees' shifts have been drastically reduced. If a majority works in tourism, the groundwork is laid for a devastating bust cycle and high unemployment at the whim of travelers' interests and disposable income.

There is no silver bullet to maintain the economy except diversified employment opportunities, which thwart overdependence on one industry. For instance, not replacing unsustainable large agriculture with a strong agricultural industry which increases state self-sufficiency would be foolish and unbalanced.

 Charles Hirata rebuts another letter writer's assertion that Japanese-American soldiers served only in Europe

In a GOP talking point, Jake Jacobus says that the government guideline moving the recommended start of regular mamograms 10 years later shows that healthcare reform is going to kill women.  Oh no!  First it was our grandparents and now it's our mothers and sisters!  He postulates that soon the government will limit women's childbearing years...yeah right, by funding abortions?  This GOP talking point is so self-contradictory, it doesn't even make sense.  This letter is worth reading because it is so funny.

Maury King urges Lingle not to cut Ag Inspectors.  His letter is reproduced with permission:
Don't allow agriculture inspector layoffs

Let's have an update on the layoffs of the agriculture inspectors.
I know some of the positions were restored and I'm not hearing talk about the issue, but if experts that know Hawaii and its unique problems are laid off, when we realize the mistake we made, the people that are our current experts will no longer be available.

These are very specialized positions and eliminating them is very shortsighted. I know times are tough and everybody's need for money is important, but this group inspects our food, keeps us safe from pests and also inspects outgoing shipments. The current local agriculture exporters can be crippled if they can't ship perishables quickly. We need to be supportive of local agriculture as we move toward sustainable lifestyles and this is counterproductive to that idea.

For the future of our state, fully funded and supported agriculture inspection of incoming and outgoing products and protection against invasive species is one of the best chances we have of keeping Hawaii a great place to live and visit.
Let's give the message that we value what local producers do and that we appreciate that it keeps money flowing locally. I'm told it would require $3.8 million to keep all the jobs. Maybe it can come from the tourism budget. After all, who will come here if there are biting bugs, not much fresh food and no lei to wear?
Maury King
In a letter defending the HC&S water diversions, Kathy Morris asks, "Why is it that water that produces a useful food product such as sugar and provides some groundwater recharge is considered wasteful, yet water that runs to the open ocean is considered beneficial?"

This is called a straw man argument as she leaves out a whole slew of reasons for restoring stream flows - most importantly so that the streams can flow through successive taro fields (lohi) before flowing into the sea.  In the case of West Maui, streams recharge the Iao Aquifer which is being drawn down at almost a foot a year.

Zoe MacAlpine makes the moral argument that condemns those who object to taxes and don't want government healthcare and other social safety nets.  She points to studies in high-tax countries where the population is much happier because they have these social necessities (food, health, shelter, etc.)

Ululani Correa thanks Mark Oreck for all he gave to Maui Memorial Hospital.